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We're storytellers.
We specialise in audio drama podcasts.


Specialistes de storytelling, nous produisons vos podcasts en anglais.


What we do:

Show concept ~ Brainstorming ~ Content creation ~ Visual identity ~ Managing production schedules ~ Promotion strategy ~ Distribution ~ Audit

Research & writing

Casting actors/guests

La Localisation

Write, translate & localise
your podcast production into English.



CONCEPTION SONORE: la connexion émotionnelle avec votre public

Elaborer des effets sonores, des atmosphères, des textures et des ambiances cinématographiques qui créeront des univers naturalistes et abstraits pour raconter votre histoire.



Nettoyage des pistes ~ Recalage rythmique ~ Correction des hauteurs et des tonalités ~ Traitements spatiaux et dynamiques ~ Gestion de la dynamique du morceau


  • L’ambiance ~ le bruit de fond qui définit une scène.
  • Les sons « Foley » ou bruitages.
  • Les effets audio.
  • Une voix off.
  • La musique ……… bien sûr nous créons aussi cette magie qui aide à raconter votre histoire.


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Membre de

We’re the producers of Tales of the Night Sky, an original audio drama show. Using immersive soundscapes we tell the incredible stories of the constellations based on the Greco-Roman myths. Launched in 2020, with 2 seasons to date, our monthly show clocks over 2500 IAB listens every month.

We’ve created the show from A-Z: from brainstorming, researching, outlining episodes, writing, designing a visual identity; casting, planning and scheduling, directing; to editing, sound design, composing music; all the way to distribution and promotion.

Independent Podcast production

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The Gods Must Be Pleased!
A truly marvelous podcast of Ancient Greek stories, masterfully written, beautifully produced, and brilliantly told. As a lover of Ancient Greece, and an amateur astronomer, Tales of The Night Sky brings together these two interests in a way no other podcast can. But even if you know nothing about Ancient Greece, or of astronomy, I can think of few places to better whet your interest in either of these most fascinating of topics than Tales of the Night Sky. The Gods must be pleased indeed! And so will you.


Apple Podcasts, United States

Ratings & reviews


The billionaires rocketing up to space could learn a lot from Tales of the Night Sky, and what happens to the world when everyone's sleeping


From magazine issue: 19 June 2021

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Late Night Classics came about after years of researching ancient classical texts for Tales of the Night Sky. Our aim is to make the classics accessible to all, with vivid readings, compelling soundcapes and a late night vibe.

Our latest creation !




We work regularly with Wild Talks, localising its wildlife documentaries into English.  Our post production services include translation, narration recording, foley and music mixing.

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in crime

Geoff is a multi-disciplinary creative. He trained as a mixed-media installation artist at the Sir John Cass School of Art, London – experimenting with video and sound – before running an art gallery. He then applied his creative skills to the business world as an online marketing campaign manager for a UK start-up during the dotcom boom. He transitioned to international supply-chain management in the electronics industry where he worked for 10 years. With an MBA in purchasing, Geoff now applies all his business knowledge and creative skills to podcast production.

Geoff Chong
Freelance producer, editor, composer


Bibi is a professional Paris-based voice-over artist. She read English Literature at King’s College, Cambridge and studied physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris.
She draws on her experience as a writer, director and actor to create engaging audio drama.

Bibi Jacob
Freelance writer, director, podcaster

Chloe is a versatile musician and composer with a rich tapestry of experience spanning classical, Celtic, and jazz genres. Beyond her mastery of the violin, she weaves enchanting vocal melodies and loves experimenting with loop creations. She has been commissioned to compose music for a contemporary dance performance, created by the photographer Christelle Veyret, and for the podcast Tales of the Night Sky. Inspired by the ethereal, Chloe dreams of using music to transport listeners into the realms of the otherworld.

Chloe Dunn
Violinist, composer



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